Whispered Thoughts

...lost somewhere in translation

To Wellness...
 Or to being almost well?
I absolutely love that I have been sick for what... a week now. Or just about anyways. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. This means I'm still coughing yet maybe not quite ready to cough up a lung anymore. Its still pretty close. And the amount of mucous that I have to expell from my nose has greatly decreased... somewhat.

So maybe... I really hope that posting about this doesn't end up backfiring on me... maybe I'm on the road to recovery. My girls are still coughing just a little bit and my youngest's nose is still running but I think that we've beat the crud. Hopefully.

And just in time for my husband to head back to work... oh the joy of a wasted week and a lame one at that. Next joyful event... a visitor.... yay.

Tis the season
 Of melting snow and moving dust. 
Of coughing up a lung for fun,
Or almost peeing yourself because of a sneeze.
Tis the season of screaming kids and sunny days
Of dripping noses and empty tissue boxes.
Tis the season of break up. Oh what fun.

God how I hate break up in Alaska. The sun sure is nice sometimes but we need some damn rain to tamp down all the damn dust. I'm having breathing troubles today. It isn't very fair. I hate that every year around this time I end up with some sinus crud or chest crap. 

Boo on breakup!

 *cracks open the door and peers inside*
There is an awful lot of dust... I'd apologize but it seems to be my thing. I'll try to tidy it up, but since it's only me here I may as well let it lie. If I let it lie then there is a lesser likelihood of it stirring up and making me sneeze.

I'm kind peeved that I just spent the last... oh *looks at lest message with friend and then to clock*... 11 minutes of my time deleting music blips. Whatever possessed me to activate that nonsense I have no idea. I am grateful however that I had the sense at some point to deactivate it. Yay me... *insert major eye roll here* 

This of course has made me realize how fail livejournal is in regards to their 'manage journal entries' area. Why is it that their inbox has the option to select several email/messages/alerts at once and delete but their journal entries do not? This makes no sense to me and seems rather pointless. There is 11 minutes of my life waisted having to click and edit each entry and then delete. Lame livejournal... very lame! You fail!

Anyways, I will try to write more. I always make this a goal and yet I fail. Perhaps I will fill this blog with meanderings of my life as a home school mother of two in the coming months. Or perhaps the dust will continue to gather. This I promise you is probably better than me filling this blog full of pictures of Robert Pattinson or Hugh Jackman, both men I'd like to... well never mind. I'll try to stick to the good stuff like home school and kiddos that drive me insane, and yet that I love dearly.

Sickness blows
Have a sick kid seriously blows, having a sick husband... just as bad if not worse. The complaining, the attitude, the whining, the complaining. All of it... oh did I mention the complaining?!?! Men!! You'd think he was three or something. Not only that but I could here him snoring earlier, three hours must have been a nice nap. He comes out and is still as big of a grump as he was when he went in. I asked him if he slept well. "I didn't get a damned moment of sleep." I wanted to scream at him bullshit. I was up until midnight almost because the girls went to bed late, M was sick and puking all day, and of course I was afraid to put her to bed incase she threw up some more but then V wouldn't go to bed with out her sister so I finally gave in. M woke at 3 having puked all over their bed (they share) so I had to take care of that mess, get M changed and back into bed. Mike got up at 6 and they were already out on the couch. Its been a long ass day of cleaning up throw up and listening to whining and I'm just fucking done.

Not to mention that my throat feels like it is on fire and it's seriously upsetting my stomach!  I'm so damned ready for Spring!


I keep forgetting that I even have this live journal thing.  But now that I have a nifty little writer thing hopefully I'll be able to update it occasionally.


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